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HTE Abrasive Blast Solutions Bloomington-Normal

1701 E Empire St, Bloomington Illinois

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HTE Offices in Kansas, Missouri and Illinois



HTE Abrasive Blast Solutions
1701 E. Empire St.
Bloomington, IL  61704

Our industrial-quality manual and automated blast cabinets can be found in job shops, automotive rebuilders, and machine shops throughout Kansas, Missouri, and Illinois.

Blast Cabinets


ZERO's automated blast systems include everything from simple timer-controlled parts rotation or tumbling to computer-controlled, multi-step, multi-axis robotic action. ZERO offers free sample processing to help you determine if blasting will produce the desired results on your parts and what equipment will work best.


The list of cabinets developed over the years for special applications include:  automotive bonding, aerospace cleaning, drill bit cleaning, blast and spray indexing turntable, rubber mold cleaning, tube cleaning, spot blasting, continuous turntable system, descaling and peening, shot peening bore drill pipe, shot peening propeller blades, crane and roller cleaning, radioactive part cleaning, stator deburring, bone implant part deburring, pipe cleaning, composite part surface preparation, and wheel surface preparation.

To learn which media will most economically produce the optimal surface finish, please click below to request a call from one of our media specialists, and to arrange for a no charge MEDIA SAMPLE TEST of your needs.

HTE Abrasive Blast Solutions is your resource for all your Blast Cabinet, Blast Accessories, Blast Parts, and Blast Media needs if you are in Illinois, Missouri, or Kansas.

For more information please contact Customer Service at 800-444-4831 or by email at [email protected]