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Suction Blast Cabinet

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Pulsar Suction CabinetWhen working with sensitive materials, or producing specific surface texture requirements, the use of a suction design blasting cabinet can provide operators with the precise control required to meet design standards.  Lower media delivery velocity is achieved by drawing media into the blast nozzle via the use of vacuum.

The lower pressure results in cost-saving throughout the life of the sandblast cabinet.  Starting with the media delivery nozzle, a lower wear rate may allow for the purchase of lower cost material nozzles that will still last a long time.   Blast cabinet safety glass windows, sandblasting cabinet gloves, and blast hose, all benefit from the same reduction in wear.

A lower wear rate is also experienced by the media of choice.  Most blasting media selections can be recycled by installing a media reclaim and reusing the media, in some case, many times over.  This ability to reuse blast media will significantly impact a metal refinishing’s bottom line.

The greatest hidden expense in most industrial processes is the air compressor.  Sandblasting operations are often intermittent, but are large consumers of air, which means that the air compressor must be sized large enough to meet demand when blasting, almost certainly resulting in a compressor that is too large for the balance of the hours the plant is in operation.  An air compressor that is too large will turn on and off frequently resulting in greater maintenance and repair expenses.

And then there is the electricity required to run the compressor, the greatest single hidden operational expense in most industrial operations.  HTE Abrasive Blast Solutions helps size and design air systems properly through the HTE Compressed Air Solutions TECHTEAM of Air Audit specialists.

Always wear appropriate personal protection equipment when operating machinery of any kind.

To learn which media will most economically produce the optimal surface finish, please click below to request a call from one of our media specialists, and to arrange for a no charge MEDIA SAMPLE TEST of your needs.

HTE Abrasive Blast Solutions provides comprehensive blast systems including suction blast cabinets that help to accelerate the return on your equipment investment.  All of these products are available from HTE to businesses in Kansas, Missouri, and Illinois.
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